HCM 2018 Fall Release Highlights

PlanSource HCM’s fall system upgrade will be applied on Thursday, November 8th. Included in this upgrade are several enhancements, updates, and new features designed to make the system more user-friendly and functional. Several of these items were implemented directly from client feedback and suggestions! Some exciting highlights are provided below, and you can CLICK HERE for a full, detailed release document including instructions and

Human Resources

Job Description Feature

Increase transparency within your organization with the new HCM Job Description feature. Once enabled for your company, your employees will be able to view, download, and print their full job descriptions directly from the Job Summary page or Organization Chart detail card.

Company policies vary on who has access to employees’ job descriptions. HCM provides several configurable options to support your company’s policy:

  • Employees can view, download, and print a copy of their full job description from the Employee Summary page or Organization Chart page. It is best practice to provide employees access to their own job descriptions.
  • Supervisors, Managers, and Executives can access employee job descriptions for their direct reports from the Employee Summary Page or Organization Chart page.
  • Limited access can be configured to view job descriptions from the Organization Chart page based on job type.


Administrators must enable the feature by navigating to: Menu > System Configuration > System Settings > Employee > click “Edit” > check “Allow employees to view job description” > click Save.

Note: Managers and Supervisors always have access to view job descriptions of direct reports, even when the Employee View setting is disabled.



New Features

Mass Import Tool

The new Mass Import tool allows administrators to process mass imports directly from the HCM web portal – eliminating the need for manual data entry or Project requests to PlanSource. The Mass Import Tool can be used to add new hires, change employees’ jobs, salaries, statuses, and much more!

The following links will help Administrators become familiar with this robust new tool:

How do I get access to the Mass Import tool?

Please provide the HCM Service Team with the user role(s) for which access should be granted.

How is the Mass Import tool configured? Mass Import Tool – Configuration Guide: Link Here

How do I validate and activate templates? Mass Import Tool – Template Guide: Link Here  

Can I use an existing template? Mass Import Tool – Using Existing Templates: Link Here

How can I review or fix my Import results? Mass Import Tool – Reviewing Results: Link Here

See the full release documentation here!

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