POI #4: BI Courses 19-23

Business Intelligence Learning Path: Point of Interest #4


  1. Start with any course; they run in sequential order based on the overall Business Intelligence Learning Path diagram
  2. Click on a course to launch it; use your Learning Path Map to take notes and track your progress
  3. At the end of each course continue on the learning path, return to the current Point of Interest, or return to the Business Intelligence course section page to choose a course off the learning path
  4. You move to the next point of interest by clicking the orange arrow to the right of the last course or closing a course in a different location than you started

Course Descriptions

  1. Teaches the basics to create new Business Intelligence reports using appropriate tools and options
  2. Explains filters and the application of them to make reports more efficient and streamlined
  3. Explains grouping to create a unique report and highlight important data
  4. Provides instructions on summarizing data into a single value that has significant meaning
  5. Provides instructions for pulling data out of the report columns to create meaningful sections