PlanSource HCM Spring Release 2020

PlanSource HCM’s spring release was applied to your production enviroment on Saturday, June 27th! Included in this upgrade were several enhancements, updates, and new features designed to make the system more user-friendly and functional. Some exciting highlights are provided below, and you can access the indepth release notes by clicking here.

A New Look for PlanSource HCM

Say hello to an PlanSource HCM refresh! Your Spring Release includes some subtle visual changes to increase continuity across your PlanSource HCM platforms—bringing the fonts you’re used to seeing on the mobile app into the web portal and updating link colors for improved readability.  We also updated the default color reflected in PlanSource HCM ’s navigation; however, if you’ve already customized this color, you’ll see no change.

Your PlanSource HCM solution gets a bold, fresh makeover.

Enhanced Printing for Organization Chart

Need to print copies of your company’s organization chart for investors or auditors, or to provide a visual overview of current teams to executives? With new elevated print capabilities, you are able to gain and share a more comprehensive view of your people structure on paper. This functionality allows you to choose a single or multi-page layout, include employee photos, select the number of levels to capture, and download the chart into a printable PDF as well as scale it to a desired size. Now secured by web access rights, the Download button will no longer be visible to everyone, giving you the ability to choose who in your organization has access to download and print the chart. See the spring release notes above for more details.

Reassign Direct Reports After Manager Termination

Keep things running smoothly for your people during times of reorganization with new functionality that will let you reassign a terminated employee’s direct report(s) with just a few clicks. Administrators have the ability to immediately reassign employees upon manager termination or future date the reassignments to go into effect on a future set termination date. They can then select to reassign employees to the “Current supervisor’s supervisor” or “Someone else,” which will allow a name to be typed in or selected from the supervisor finder. Once the employee termination is officially completed, the direct report reassignments will be reflected within PlanSource HCM . To see a indetail guide on how to complete this click here.

Role Automation Enhancements

Role Automation gets a major boost with new enhancements that let you more easily place roles on employee records or exclude certain employees. From the Add/Change Role Automation Rule page, you are able to set up rules based on parameters such as company or job code for your multiple employee or terminated roles. This functionality eliminates the need to manually change the default role for a new hire, rehire, or terminated employee. You are able to take advantage of a new direct reports driver that auto assign roles for employees identified as having active direct reports.

Need to exclude more than one employee from a specific role? New functionality added to the Excepted Employee(s) section of the Add/Change Role Automation Exception page allow you to select as many individual employees as needed. See the spring release notes above for more details.

Streamline your role assignments with automation rules.

Browser Compatibility

Our compatibility updates ensure you’re able to continue successfully accessing PlanSource HCM from the website browser of your choice. Complete details on the browsers and versions now supported—and those to use for optimal PlanSource HCM performance after your upgrade—will be released in the HCM knowledge page.

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