Business Intelligence Course Sections

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The Business Intelligence Courses are grouped under one of the following topic sections: Report Structure, Report Data, or Report Layout. To help you decide which course to take, read the section descriptions on the right side of the page. When you are ready to go, click on one of the three section headers on the crane, browse through the training courses, and start learning!

Report Structure Courses

Learn the basics of Business Intelligence with courses on the application layout, navigating the home page and folder structure, accessing content, and using the structural elements of a report to design the most effective layout.

Report Data Courses

Learn more advanced functions of Business Intelligence to effectively run existing reports, create new reports, and customize your reporting preferences.

Report Layout Courses

Learn to customize your Business Intelligence reports with a variety of tools and advanced reporting features that will help you present business data in the most effective manner.

The Learning Path

Stroll down the Business Intelligence Learning Path and complete all 27 BI courses in sequential order.