Business Intelligence Learning Path

The Business Intelligence Learning Path allows you to journey through the vast wilderness of ad-hoc reporting! Along the path are 27 courses focused solely on the powerful world of Business Intelligence reports. At the beginning of the path the courses cover basic Business Intelligence knowledge, continues to more experienced reporting functions, and ends with the advanced reporting capabilities.

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How it works:

As you travel down the Business Intelligence learning path you will encounter 5 points of interest covering a set of number of courses with an estimated time of completion (ETOC) for the included courses. You can start at #1, complete the courses within it, and automatically move onto the next point of interest upon completion of the last course. Or come back, click on the point of interest you are working in, and open the course where you left off. Before you begin, click the Learning Path Map image on the right to download a tool you can use to take notes and track your completion progress. When you are ready, click on a Point of Interest and begin your learning journey. Happy Travels!