Off-Cycle Payroll Request Form

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Off-Cycle Payroll Request Form

Click here to download and complete the Off Cycle Payroll Request Form

Please complete the form found at the link above, and submit to our service team via email:

The off-cycle payroll is subject to a $79.00 processing fee as well as the same terms and conditions for Payroll Processing as outlined in the Administrative Services Agreement and the Service Delivery Guidelines document.

The submission of this payroll directly impacts direct deposit transmission, tax deposit/filing, shipment and invoicing. Payrolls that are not completed as outlined may be subject to additional out-of-scope fees as well as tax penalties and fees. Any additional fees incurred due to a late payroll closure are the sole responsibility of the client.

ATTENTION! Hints for a successful payroll

Review Scheduled Deductions:

  • Most garnishments and 401k should remain scheduled
  • Be sure to unschedule deductions that may cause arrears

Review Scheduled Earnings:

  • Ensure no earning codes are scheduled to pay employees automatically

Close Payroll On Time:

  • Failure to close your payroll prior to the pay date causes additional fees
  • Late payroll closure may require invoice payment by wire
  • Tax filings may be processed late and Client may be subject to penalties and interest

Click here to download and complete the Off Cycle Payroll Request Form

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