Time & Labor Custom Pay Periods – Stratus Time Product

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Time & Labor Custom Pay Periods – Stratus Time Product

Each year, we recommend our clients using Stratus time review their Payroll Policies and calendars for accuracy within the Time & Labor portal. If you used custom pay period dates in the past for a specific time frame, you must make the adjustments each year for each payroll policy impacted.

How to Enter Custom Pay Period Dates with the Payroll Policy
1. Login to Time & Labor
2. Switch to the Configuration section
3. Locate the Payroll Processing tab
4. Click on Payroll Policies. The Payroll Policies screen will appear.
5. Hover over the name of the Payroll Policy you wish to edit and click on the pencil button .
6. The Edit Payroll Policy screen will appear. Select “SAVE” to continue.
7. Within the Payroll Policies menu screen- Locate the Pay Period section and Click to open.
a. Scroll down to the Custom dates section
NOTE: Don’t override/delete any pay periods that have timecard history.
b. Click the green plus sign to ADD additional pay period dates
8. Once all the dates have been entered, Click the Apply Changes button on the right and exit the policy.

Click here for a detailed SOP on updating Payroll Policies

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