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Time & Labor Holidays – Stratus Time Product

Part of the Year End process for our clients using Stratus Time is reviewing the holiday list for the upcoming calendar year for  accuracy. Holiday lists determine which holiday’s employees may receive on their time cards. There can be more than one holiday list to accommodate different groups of employees. The number of Holiday hours are configured in the Payroll Policy and must be maintained by client administrators.

NOTE: The Holiday List(s) will need to be updated annually to reflect the specific actual date of the Holiday for the coming year(s). You will not delete any prior dates, as these are part of timecard history, but rather add the additional dates for the coming year(s) within the current Holiday List(s).

How to Access the Holidays under Configuration
1. Login to the PlanSource and Access Time and Labor portal
2. From the Manager Dashboard-Click the blue down arrow next to the Stop Sign icon at the top right
3. Select the gear icon for Configuration
4. Within Configuration (Menu is on the left)-Select the Holidays / Time Off Tab
5. Double click the name of the underlined Holiday list to open policy to edit

For more detailed instructions, including adding NEW holiday lists, download the SOP here. 

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