W2 Box 12DD Health Benefit Reporting for ACA

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W2 Box 12DD Health Benefit Reporting for ACA

A requirement of the Affordable Health Care Act is to report the combined cost of applicable health insurance coverage. The amount reported in Box 12 DD is not taxable, and used to provide employees with information on the cost of their health care coverage. This reporting is mandated to any employer with 50 or more employees.

To verify which deductions are included in box 12DD reporting, run the Deduction Codes report under Administration > Standard Reports > Available Reports. A checkmark in the final column of the report indicates the EE and ER amounts for that deduction code will be part of the total in Box 12DD.

If you DO NOT use the PlanSource benefit portal, and/or manage certain benefits outside the PlanSource benefit portal, you MUST request these amounts be uploaded to the employees’ records. This request will be assessed as a project. Please contact your HCM Service Team regarding the reporting of these benefits.

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